Residential Tree Care & Landscape Services

Northern Tree offers a variety of services to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful throughout all four seasons.  Our team of local ISA and State-Certified Arborists provide homeowners a full range of tree, plant and landscape services to help preserve your landscape investment.  From tree removal and preventative care to planting new foliage, Northern Tree can efficiently accomplish any size project. 


If you have questions or need assistance 
please call 1 (800) 232-6132 or click here to email us.

Tree Pruning
Tree Removal
Cabling and Bracing
Stump Grinding
Tree Planting
Hazardous Tree Assessment
Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Air Spading
Value Assessment
Landscape Construction
Landscape Management
Large Tree Moving 
Deep Root Fertilization 

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Storm Damage & Recovery

24 Hour Urgent Care

Dial 1 (800) 232-6132 If calling outside of our normal business hours, follow the emergency response procedures on the recording and you WILL get a live person on the phone.

icon-greeninitiative-N.pngOur Environmental Commitment

  • Environmentally friendly diesel engines
  • Low environmental impact equipment
  • Preventive and curative strategies
  • Landscape restoration and tree planting
  • Green paperless communications
  • Renewable resources - storm debris, brush and stump management

The only evidence we leave behind is the quality of our work.

Customer Testimonial

"We were hit by the October snow storm that made us lose power for 5+ days, powerlines down, trees down, half down, etc.  I needed a good number of trees to remove and I began looking for a "tree-guy" to come over and give me an estimate. Half never even showed up, of the half that did they were quoting crazy prices and couldn't give me a date to do the work , or....never called me back.  Well, I always thought Northern Tree was expensive, I see their trucks all over, they have all the big trucks and tools, so I never bothered to call them.  Then I got frustrated.

I called Northern Tree, the guy came out for an estimate (on time), I did the walk-through, he asked me questions, he explained how they bring equipment that does not dig up the yard. He explained that they would bring a crane to remove 3 trees over a fence...I thought, this is going to be expensive.

He got in his truck, had a tablet, printed out the quote and brought it right back. He was almost the lowest and I knew exactly what I was going to get. He said 2 weeks. Done.

To the day, their equipment was at my house, naturally they called in advance, they did the work, NO grass damage because they put down these specially made mats. They were polite, professional, went right to work.

I was so impressed when they left after the project was done (on-time). I should have called them for all of my previous tree work instead of the slugs I did hire who dug up my yard to make it easier on them.

Northern Tree is like having the Army Corp of Engineers come over and do work at a reasonable price.

Don't hesitate to call these guys from Palmer up and give you a quote. You won't be disappointed."

Tree Pruning

Careful pruning can both extend tree life and ameliorate any presented threats. Such efforts can also greatly enhance both the intrinsic functionality and esthetic qualities of treated specimens.

Plant Health Care

Our holistic approach to promote plant health involves tree maintenance, pruning, and fertilization. Additionally, our pest management service can address any pathogens that may be negatively affecting your specimens.

Value Assessment

Shade trees add value to your landscape and our certified arborists can help maintain your property investment by evaluating tree size, species, condition as well as location.

Stump Resolution

Stumps are often esthetically unattractive features and, under some circumstances, landscape hazards. Northern deploys a variety of stump grinding machines to safely and expeditiously remove imbedded wood of all sizes.

Tree Planting

Whether it’s tree replacement or new construction landscape, both scenarios call for ecologically appropriate trees, a task for which Northern is well equipped. We are able to plant and move trees of all sizes.

Hazard Tree Removal

Sometimes it’s no longer possible to save a tree. Dead trees or those that pose a hazard call for quick and efficient removal. Our arborists can safely perform hazard tree removals and the debris is processed for recycling.

Storm Recovery

Northern has distinguished itself as New England’s leader in storm response. Our professional operators and extensive equipment fleet are prepared to resolve any tree damage on a 24-hour basis.

Landscape Construction

Northern Tree Service provides superior landscape construction and property care. Services include planting, mulching, irrigation as well as brush and snow management.