Land Clearing

Land Clearing Massachusetts

Commercial Land Clearing Services

Northern is an industry leader in land clearing.  Past projects involving our heavy mechanized assets include highway or utility R.O.W. maintenance and expansion, airport modification, residential and commercial development with related stump removals, and habitat restoration.  We are particularly adept at special projects involving sensitive wetlands. 

Timber Harvesting

Timber Harvesting

Northern Tree Service conducts logging operations across New England.  This effort is possible thanks to Northern’s perennial reinvestment in its large fleet of ultra modern forestry tools.  This cut-to-length, low ground pressure equipment can rapidly achieve forest management goals while exposing significantly less mineral soil than traditional harvesting techniques.  

Timber Mat

Timber Mat Application

Northern Tree Service offers both temporary and permanent wetland access solutions using large-format, wooden mat rentals and sales.  With our specialized equipment we can expeditious place and retrieve matting through any terrain.  Our considerable matting inventory can easily create ecologically permissible roads and working platforms customizable for even the most challenging applications. 

Erosion Control

Northern Tree Service appreciates both the importance of ground control and the consequences of aquatic turbidity.   This objective presents challenges when working with erodible strata.   Consequently, Northern employs Best Management Practices (BMP’s) wherever possible to facilitate both job completion and environmental stewardship.

Wetlands Timber Mat


Northern Tree Service recognizes the inherent value of wetlands.  These sensitive areas present both unparalleled species richness and a critical ecological utility; naturally mitigating peak hydraulic events and functioning as a filtering buffer between collection areas and waterways.  When working in or around wetlands Northern employs specialized equipment and unique solutions to execute job completion while affording exceptional care of easily disturbed sites. 

Low Impact Equipment

Northern Tree Service recognizes the intrinsic value of sensitive habitats.   Thus we have invested heavily in specialized equipment designed for reduced ground pressure and precision functionality.  These industry leading tools provide us with the ability to work in the most fragile areas.  

MA Tree Wood Waste Disposal

Wood Waste Disposal & Recycling

Northern Tree Service provides complete wood waste management services.  Offerings include on-site pickup as well as environmentally responsible processing, disposal and recycling of both coarse and fine woody debris. We add value to this arboricultural byproduct by repurposing it for use in energy generation, manufacturing processes, or in site stabilization during treatment applications.

Stump Removal Massachusetts

Stump Resolution

One of the challenges of arboricultural stewardship is addressing the eventual stumps following tree loss.  Stumps are often esthetically unattractive features and, under some circumstances, landscape hazards.  Northern Tree Service operates a continuum of stump reducing tools that are prepared to safely and expeditiously remove imbedded wood of all sizes.

Site Tree Restoration MA

Site Restoration

Northern Tree Service recognizes the importance of environmental stability.  To promote this intent, we pay special attention to our equipment utilization and make special efforts to return treatment areas to conditions which favor native plant growth.  Our success in this effort has brought notoriety along with numerous projects special purposed with the restoration of disturbed habitats.